Head of EDI

Contract: Contract

Closing date: 15-04-2024

Salary: £60,000 - £80,000

Location: London

In what is a young job function, our client started their journey in EDI a few years back and currently employ a Lead. On top of this, they work with 3-4 key advisory groups that test and challenge the organisation with regards to equality measures, including diversity, inclusion, belonging, anti-racism and anti-discrimination. The role will focus on ensuring the culture of the workforce champions involvement, as well as embracing members and the profession the body represents.

The position offers a mix of member facing and external facing operational leadership campaigns. Co-designing innovative initiatives alongside members, affinity groups and public involvement, plus internal campaigns with colleagues. The successful candidate will lead active engagement opportunities and increase visibility of EDI work to members. Engaging public and members communities is paramount, involving them in decisions on planning and strategy.

One of the objectives in the 18-month timeframe (the role has a chance to be extended further) is to make a difference through real social change. For such a task, skills in project management work cannot be understated. Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) work experience is also highly beneficial. The flow of work will include liaising with HR & Culture teams to ensure delivery of EDI activities for colleagues. In addition, creating external partnerships, managing critical relationships with the advisory groups, managing volunteers, balancing data analysis with strategic initiatives, and fulfilling + growing the operational action points, are all crucial for the incoming candidate.

If you have extensive experience in EDI work, have project management skills (qualifications not required), and have worked within a membership body, the nfp or public sector, or healthcare, then please get in touch right away!

Contact Info

Contact Name: Christian Turek

Contact Email: christian@memcom.org.uk